1. “I’m planning to make my own winery. What’s the best way to start?”

To give your guests a great experience, there are actually several steps. One of those tips is to make sure that your winery is more personable. This basically means try doing away with the numbers game when presenting your wine, and instead, give them a more human feel.


  1. “If I’m serving meats and cheese, how do I select the best kind of red wine for it?”

Go for medium reds when you’re eating meats and cheese. Medium bodied-reds feel a little more substantial in your mouth, and they typically have an alcohol content between 12.5 and 13.5 percent. Medium reds are merlot, cabernet, cabernet Franc, and sangiovese.


  1. “What is the significance of looking, smelling, then tasting in developing my palate for wine?”

Doing so gives you a more holistic experience of your wine. Merely tasting your wine will never be enough, you will need more sense experiences of it for you to be able to truly have a complete experience of that wine.


  1. “How do I prepare for my first wine tasting experience?”

Whatever it is, whether it’s your first time or your nth experience, you are going to have gear yourself up for it by getting the kind of mindset that’s always ready and willing to try something new. Wine will never get old as an experience, and if you’re willing to get into all of its newness, then you’re in for a lot of fun and excitement.


  1. “How do I prepare for my winery tour?”

Ask yourself: What kind of wine do you like? With so many choices, you might want to plan your visit around a certain kind of wine. For example, if you’re craving fruit wines, you’ll want to research which wineries make it.


  1. “What’s the significance of having notes when going on a wine tasting experience?”

After tasting several glasses of different wines, your memory can get a little hazy. A good way to judge a wine at a tasting is to give it a score out of 10. This should be based on appearance, smell, taste and an overall conclusion. Your notes only need to make sense to you, so don’t worry if they are all over the place to start with.

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