What to Do Before A Winery Tour

Tips for Your Winery Tour


If you’re excited for your winery tour, then it might get easy to get overwhelmed by all the preparations. This is true especially if it is your first time. Imagine if you and your family were going on that Amsterdam holiday, and you had to go on a Winery tour as part of the package. It’s exciting, right?

Thus, before you get into that Amsterdam City trip through the best wineries in the city, it might help to first take these tips into account, as you prepare for that much-awaited winery tour.


If you’re going on a winery tour, there are several things to remember.


You should plan a diverse tour with new and old wineries on your list. However, some new wineries might fall short of your expectations. It can take years for a winery to produce its own wine, so if you plan to visit a fairly new vineyard, call ahead and see if wine tasting is part of the tour. Otherwise, you might just get a tour of the facility. It’s better to know before you go.

What kind of wine do you like? With so many choices, you might want to plan your visit around a certain kind of wine. For example, if you’re craving fruit wines, you’ll want to research which wineries make it. Of course, if you’re new to the wine-tasting circuit, it’s best to try them all and see which one fits your palate.

Make a short list of wineries and figure out their hours of operation, when tours start and how much the tour or tasting costs so you can plan accordingly. Having a plan of action will make your day of vino go a lot smoother.

When you’re creating your itinerary, plan several stops for the day. Whether you get a group of friends together or just take your mom out for an afternoon, this should make up a full day. Also, consider travel time to and from each stop, and be sure to include a little extra time for shopping. A lot of wineries have gift shops, so you’ll want to plan for plenty of time to browse.